The oldest Serbian daily newspaper „Politika“ has published an excellent text about Veljko Milkovic’s candidacy for the Nobel prize.

Datum: 1. Februar 2015.

He used to be a boy who eagerly wanted to explore the world around himself. Today, this boy is a 67 years old man with sixty patents, a lot of prizes and books. He is famous for self-heating houses where some people in Novi Sad have been living for twenty years. „When the news about the initiative for Veljko Milkovic’s nomination for the Nobel Prize in Physics was announced in Novi Sad, the name of this resident of Vojvodina from Lika wasn’t well known to many people, nor did they understand how a historian could gain a Nobel Prize in physics. Here is the answer. “

– - Yes, I am a historian. I was dealing with the history of inventions and scientific discoveries. After Secondary school of mechanical engineering I should have started studying at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. However, I had an accident in 1968 and I was seriously injured when a mine from the Second World War exploded. I was prevented from studying at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. At that time drawing was mostly done with two triangles and a technical pen and two hands were needed for that. I had only one hand and the mine had destroyed my leg, too.

What does the invention that led to nomination for the Nobel Prize look like?

– - It is a pendulum, a clean energy source that utilizes gravitation. I consider it to be a salvation for the planet. There wouldn’t be any wars if we had cheap energy, and my pendulum drive produces affordable and clean energy. A pendulum is the same as a swing on which we move with very little energy. The rest of the invention is just finesse.

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