The expansion of research studies in India

Date: 5 September 2015

The idea of a two-stage mechanical oscillator is concuering the world! Replicating the two-stage mechanical oscillator with a hand water pump has become a global phenomenon.

There is, also, a supstantial growth in scientific research of a two-stage mechanical oscillator at the universities and enthusiasts all over the world. Aside from numerous researchers from USA and EU, the research and mass studies have been intensified in India. Numerous scientific research studies on two-stage mechanical oscillator have been published on several Indian universities. Among them is the world famous University of Nagpur.

New two-stage oscillator scientific research papers published in India

Asian Journal of Science and Technology: Two-stage oscillator mechanism for operating a reciprocating pump

IJRET: Fabrication and analisys of the prendulum pump

IJRMET: Single acting piston pump using oscillating motion

IJSRD: Fabrication of device for Generation of energy using two-stagemechanical oscillators

IJSTR: Swing set irrigation system

A lot of students choose to do a research study in superefficiency of a two-stage mechanical oscillator and one of those studies can be read on the following link:

Student presentation of a two-stage oscilator project in India: Structural design and manufacturing using pendulum principle for bucket type water pump

Likeways, the two-stage mechanical oscillator as a sperefficient mechanism has found it’s way to the international media thanks to numerous enthusiast researchers. The following video contains a TV show on a two-stage mechanical oscillator replicas constructed in a school in India as part of a science project.

Aside from that, youtube shows an increase in video clips of enthusiasts constructing their own two-stage mechanical oscillator with a hand water-pump, and these are just some of them coming from India.

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