Echoes of the techological conference in Stuttgart

Date: 7 June 2015

Technological solutions from Serbia have been presented at the recently held international congress dedicated to new energy technologies and solutions. The most noticed presentation was a two-stage oscillator with a pendulum drive, the invention of Veljko Milkovic.

For many years Switzerland, Austria and Germany hold traditional international conferences on the topic of alternative energy sources. Conferences of this kind, organized by the swiss publishing house Jupiter-Verlag and numerous professional associations from these countries, representing the meeting point of all those whose common goal is to show the world of clean technologies and completely new solutions in the field of energy technologies.

So last weekend, 30 - 31 May in Stuttgart, the capital of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and one of Germany's leading industrial centers, held technology conference entitled "Energieprojekte für eine neue Welt" (Energy projects for the new world) which is was dedicated to new energy projects and environmental solutions that offer sustainable development.

The conference brought together a number of engineers, enthusiasts and companies dealing with energy and research in the field of new technologies. So the audience had the opportunity to learn about new research in the field of electromagnetism, gravity, energy, space, etc.. the implementation of which could lead to a revolution in energy and industry.

The well-known serbian researcher and inventor academician Veljko Milkovic participated at this conference for the first time. Academician Milkovic received the invitation of the organizers to present as a special guest to the German public his technological solutions and research results.

Thus the German public gained an opportunity to become directly acquainted with innovative solutions in the field of oscilations coming from Serbia. With Milkovic's personal video message that was played to participants of the conference in which he stressed the importance of research of mechanical oscillations which are experimentally and practically proved more efficient than rotations and technologies based on rotating equipment (turbines, rotors, flywheels, gears ...) representatives of the Research and Development Center MILKOVIC PENDULUM presented the characteristics and advantages of the two-stage oscillator as an outstanding invention which is actively being researched on all continents.

During the one-hour presentation, the audience was presented with the results of previous research in the field of two-stage oscillations. The audience had the opportunity to see a number of technical solutions and suggestions for use in the field of water supply, irrigation and electricity production which caused a positive reaction and enthusiasm of the audience. The presented of numerous research endeavors and practical application of this invention taking place in countries around the world knew was accompanied by thunderous applause of the audience. By the opinion of the organizers and participants of the congress, presentations on Milkovic's work has left the best impression and it is an absolute "winner" of the conference.

Academician Milkovic will participate later this month and the scientific and technological conference in the United States of America in Coeur d'Alene, the capital of Idaho, and present his proposals to clean energy solutions to the american audience.

This year's multiple invitations to participate in international conferences are just another confirmation of the excellence and the importance that the world aknowledges to the technological solutions of Veljko Milkovic. In the opinion of numerous domestic and foreign scientists here are working on the invention that gave revolutionary contribution to the energy state of the current technologies.