Self-heating eco-house - Solar dugout

Self-heating eco house designed by academician Veljko Milkovic

The concept of "self-heating eco-house" developed by academician Veljko Milkovic represents highly energy-efficient construction aligned with passive solar home design, south-facing and heated by solar energy, with an innovative solar technology that magnifies both heat and light entering the building, and with an earth sheltering around the structure of the house for maximum retention of free solar energy.

During several decades of verified scientific results and use-effects monitoring, it was confirmed that "self-heating eco-house" achieves savings in heating up to 85%, savings in cooling 100%, savings in lighting 30% and savings in used building material of 10-20%, therefore representing the only residential building where minimal investment generates the highest energy savings.

The vision

Eco-settlements and eco-friendly commercial objects are providing maximum comfort with maximal use of alternative energy sources and maximum energy-efficiency, with healthy and safe life in harmony with nature.

The mision

To raise awareness of the importance and benefits of use of alternative energy sources by following best practice, and the development of eco-innovation and living in harmony with nature.


Practical education of general public and citizens about of the most successful local examples of energy efficiency in building construction, by the means of developing a demonstrative self-heating eco-building, with an unrestricted access, located on an easily accessible and approachable place, with an aim to raise eco awareness, to foster energy-responsible behavior, and to promote the use of renewable and clean energy sources.

The project rationale

Awareness of the need to save energy and improve energy efficiency of homes in which we live is still far from acceptable level. In order to achieve the world standards in this area and rational use of energy sources, it is necessary to primarily work more on promoting and educating general public about sustainable solutions in energy economics, civil engineering and architecture, and thus increase the awareness of people about alternative energy sources, as well as their level of acceptance of ecological and energy-efficient methods of building construction.

As proven highly energy efficient facility fully balanced with nature and neutral to the environment with maximal use of alternative energy sources, the concept of self-heating eco-house is an example offering a viable solution for inexpensive, environment-friendly and efficient way to resolve mentioned burning issues in a society.

Quoted as the best local example of energy efficiency in building construction in previous years, the concept has attracted attention of the media, citizens and experts, and has raised curiosity and desire among interested persons to find out more about advantages and qualities pertaining to such ecological method of construction, through direct contact.

Inability to fulfill the mission and enable all interested parties to personally observe benefits and efficiency of self-heating eco-house by investigating existing completed private residences at any time and at approachable place, has led to the need to draw the concept close to public in novel and contemporary manner, by building a demonstrative and promotional open-access facility, at easily accessible location where advantages of self-heating eco-house could be seen and experienced at any moment.

It is thus necessary to build an exhibit of promotional self-heating eco-house in a form of a public building with attractive amenities, at beautiful and easily accessible location within city area. The exhibit will be available and open for access at all times, while citizens and experts can directly familiarize with and get educated about this way of construction and living. They can evaluate benefits through positive residing impressions, and acquire all necessary information on achieved energy efficiency and on solar energy application in architecture.

It is a proposed to build such a facility within green zones and parks because its architecture fits perfectly into protected natural areas. The grass layer around the house does not reduce green surface, it even adds to it, and the building is actually invisible from three sides.

Given that in our society it is yet to invest significantly in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, the completion of this project would actualize the achievement of stated goals, and indicate the right way to rationally and mindfully look upon energy sources and take care of the environment at the same time.

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