Gravitational Machines

From Leonardo da Vinci to the Latest Discoveries

The Book That Can Change the World

At the time of the Renaissance, the construction of the aircraft Leonardo drew seemed impossible, and yet 400 years later planes and helicopters took off, defying the official scientific position that “objects heavier than air cannot fly”.

And 500 years later, we can assert that gravitational machines are possible and that Leonardo’s work forms the rock-solid basis, precious for future inventors, scientists and constructors. This perspective allows us to understand what is really “impossible” and what can be achieved!

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Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines

Free Energy Magnetic Machines Textbook - A Guide to Their Understanding with A Scientific View into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields


It is known fact that after switching off an electromagnet, its magnetic energy will be returned back to the circuit, usually as a spark. What was missed is the fact that the magnetic energy performed work by attraction of an iron bar and didn’t consume itself. This work, minus heat losses inside the circuit, is free energy or over unity energy.

The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and to teach people what is over unity and how it works. The reader will learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets.

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New book about the newest epochal discoveries on the Petrovaradin fortress

The new book by academician Veljko Milkovic "Petrovaradin fortress - cosmic labyrinth of discoveries" represents the climax of his 50-year long research of the Petrovaradin fortress and its underground. The book presents newly discovered details and facts for the first time, opens new topics, expands previous knowledge about the Petrovaradin fortress and points to possibilities to make the fortress even more attractive for tourists, researchers, adventure seekers etc.

The book provides completely new information and demystifies matters never mentioned in previous literary works. It also discovers new facts from the past and research results together with findings, new evidence, mysterious archeological objects and displays much more attractive than anything presented so far.

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Several years of research on the idea of movement of vehicles without an intermediary mechanism (transmission) resulted in this extraordinary book. In a slightly unconventional manner, Milkovic explains the new drive and events which preceded its making.

Having in mind some provocative statements in the book, one could expect even extreme reactions, but anyone should be free to express his/her opinion, especially if they are benevolent. The road from an idea to application is a long one, but initial effects in starting experiments are very convincing, same as initial effects of invention which found widespread use in everyday life.

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