MILKOVIC PENDULUM Research and Development Center was founded as a necessity and need. We are witnesses of the fact that many inventions and innovations which are much ahead of their time, under the globally accepted principles of sustainability, self- sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection, are put aside and are neither applied, nor produced. Consequently, a lot of intelligent, efficient and green technologies are not available for us, not because we do not want them, but because they have not made their way to the people ready to invest in them.

Our projects are connected with energy efficiency and super efficiency, self-sustainable low-energy objects and settlements, harmony with the nature that surrounds us and consequently with environmental protection. Further in the text you will be able to learn more details about our ideas.


The concept of "self-heating eco-house" developed by academician Veljko Milkovic represents highly energy-efficient construction aligned with passive solar home design, south-facing and heated by solar energy, with an innovative solar technology that magnifies both heat and light entering the building, and with an earth sheltering around the structure of the house for maximum retention of free solar energy.

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Mechanical water pump with two-stage oscilator

Hand water pump with a pendulum is a realisation of a new, original, and even unbelievable, by very simple solution for pumping water. Work is alleviated because easier, long-lasting and effortless use of the hand water pump has been enabled. Input energy for starting the process of pumping, in form of occasional pushing of the pendulum, is much less than with typical hand pumps.

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Reflecting panels

Savings in heating is based on reflecting surfaces i.e. surfaces that reflect direct and diffuse radiation of the Sun (around 80%). These are glossy coats (of lacquer and paint), aluminium foils and metal sheets on hard surface. You can also use milk-white paint, which is also acceptable since there is not much diffusion loss because the reflecting surfaces are positioned next to the window.

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