New book about the newest epochal discoveries on the Petrovaradin fortress

The new book by academician Veljko Milkovic "Petrovaradin fortress - cosmic labyrinth of discoveries" represents the climax of his 50-year long research of the Petrovaradin fortress and its underground. The book presents newly discovered details and facts for the first time, opens new topics, expands previous knowledge about the Petrovaradin fortress and points to possibilities to make the fortress even more attractive for tourists, researchers, adventure seekers etc.

The book provides completely new information and demystifies matters never mentioned in previous literary works. It also discovers new facts from the past and research results together with findings, new evidence, mysterious archeological objects and displays much more attractive than anything presented so far.

The new book, "Petrovaradin fortress - cosmic labyrinth of discoveries" presents the Petrovaradin fortress and describes it as a fortification. It also brings new ideas and discovers the connection between the Petrovaradin fortress and Egyptian pyramids, which puts this fortress among one of the grandest and most mysterious structures...

The author discovers facts which reveal that during the construction military way of thinking was not the only one present and points to unusual and mysterious balls embedded on the escarps of the bulwark and three crosses placed to correspond to southern and northern constellation...

The book is unusual and it offers new details along with the illustrations and photographs - the most attractive of them being secretive and mysterious... Maps, expert reports, research, enigmas, imagination... The attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable: conservative with unofficial with the goal of presenting the other side of the story. The goal of this presentation is to create space for new research work in a popular manner...


  • Paperback: 118 pages
  • Language: Serbian
  • Paper: 120g (color print); 131 illustrations & photos
  • Edition: First (2007)
  • Publisher: VRELO - Drustvo za zdravu ishranu i zastitu zivotne sredine, Novi Sad, Serbia

Price: 6.99 € postage excluded