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Milković Pendulum - Research and Development Center is, according to its Cooperation Policy, is open for all initiatives from bussiness proposals to scientific cooperations. .

Together We Will Succeed!


Milković Pendulum - Research and Development Center, as a non-profit scientific institution, is grateful to all people and institutions for support and help in form of donations that can help we complete our research projects and fulfill our mission. Laboratory has specific needs for sophisticated equipments, tools, materials, literatures, funds and other means.

If you wish to support and help our activities and to contribute in that way to a better, faster and more quality achievement of the set goals by your personal donations, you are welcome to join our Club of Donors.

To send a donation, please contact us after which you will receive further information how to donate on your e-mail.


VEMIRC Pendulum Lab is open and willing of cooperation with all partners of good will (private and institutional investors, companies, funds, institutions...) toward further development of our technologies and their application in every day life.

The technology of the Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator has a great potential for practical application in various fields; electricity generating, water pumping, water purification, desalinization, irrigation of large areas, oil pumping, geothermal heat pumping...

The patent protected technology of the Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator is available for licensing, joint ventures and other forms of investments and mutual beneficial partnerships. If you are interested in business and other form of cooperations, please contact us.