Candidate: Veljko Milkovic

Nobel Prize in Physics nomination proposal has derived from the revolutionary model of the oscillatory movement application

Date: 1 August 2014

As a result of years of research on use of oscillation in real-world application, academician Milkovic has invented two-stage mechanical oscillator as a unique solution transforming centrifugal force is into mechanical work using gravity and circular motion of pendulum bob. Displacement of the pendulum from its resting position creates the condition for attached lever to start oscillating. The main prerequisite for the transformation of centrifugal force into mechanical work is tension force change in pendulum pivot point during oscillation half-period. It is essentially about the transformation of angular momentum affected by the change in pendulum bob movement, when circular motion converts to parabolic and pivot point force vector parameters alter.

Academician Milkovic has discovered a basis for the research of centrifugal force in deformed circular orbits of pendulum bob. The effect of centrifugal force manifested by displacing pendulum from its equilibrium position* can be called Milkovic Effect*. On the other hand, the aforementioned effect is comparable with natural motion of celestial objects, generally having elliptical orbit where constant transformation of angular momentum into kinetic energy takes place. That corresponds to the principal mechanism of entire movement and an increase in the total energy of the Universe.

Instead of an introduction

Theoretically, if the moment of the wheel invention is determinable and if we knew who the inventor was, we may agree that the person would deserve the Nobel Prize.

This assumption imposes certain conclusions contributing to the civilization development, because it is the wheel as a revolutionary invention that is used as an unofficial milestone, but also as a synonym for progress of mankind. With this text we don’t aspire to deny its importance for the development of humanity and science. However, we may also pose an assumption that the civilization began to progress in the wrong direction, once it implicitly emphasized rotary motion application in the labor efficiency domain, analogous to the wheel motion.

Milkovic’s two-stage oscillator can have similar effects on the development of humanity, as it fundamentally shifts the approach to certain indisputable scientific truths. Recognition of (as we named it) the Milkovic Effect, raises the question of legitimacy of established laws of physics during the action of natural forces such as gravity and magnetic field. Milkovic’s two-stage oscillator demonstrates that these laws are not fully applicable if we look at the mechanism within the framework of other inertial system in which it exists.

Milkovic’s invention, the two-stage mechanical oscillator, comprises the intersection of pendulum and lever, which exhibits specific dynamic when the pendulum oscillates whereas conditions are created to transform centrifugal force into mechanical work.

Area of application of a two-stage mechanical oscillator is manifold and its efficiency is dependent on the choice of pendulum-lever parameters and pendulum oscillation parameters.

Analyzing the two-stage mechanical oscillator we are coming to a set of conclusions supporting the claim that it constitutes a revolutionary invention setting new standards and definitions in physics, thermodynamics, motion ... The use of oscillatory motion in certain mechanical assemblies can be multiple times more efficient than existing solutions, therefore the research efforts of Milkovic deserve more attention and recognition!

In fact, rotary motion (which represents the most widespread application of motion used for work) in most cases has a role to transform circular into linear motion, with inevitable losses. However, the losses are not present within the assembly such as a two-stage mechanical oscillator.

* Original name “Milkovic Effect” and the basis for its scientific support was given by engineer Jovan Marjanovic

* The proposal of connoting definition of “Milkovic Effect” was given by fac. Zoran Pobor

The initiative was compiled by MP Center president

fac. Zoran Pobor