Cognition of sustainable settlement - Consciousness Evolution

Once largely debated upon, this idea took time to mature and become a basis to start serious implementation of existing but amended solutions.

Date: 15 October 2015

Composition of consolidated feasibility study will begin with initial parameters’ selection.

Sustainability is basic as well as essentially important direction towards appropriate development.

The term is used in the broadest possible spectrum of planning, and it has to imply activities enabling highly creative character, as opposed to prevalent activities of producing character. Contrived and enforced (some say framed) value system, established by those emotionally and morally handicapped but creatively engaged, is actively maintained by those creatively passive and adroit for production.

All aforementioned circumstances are funneling to indispensable value system evolution!!! How?

Implicitly - through changes in the energy system manifested in its independence. The implication was drawn on the fact that (except for the bright example of the state of Bhutan) the living standard of any nation, and thus of each individual, is determined by an inverse proportion of the energy price.

I’ll try to briefly explain: established ethics shows that we are situated within very disgraceful and unsustainable system, and we are witnessing current state of rapid decomposition of that system… in short - if our present value system is represented by the money (and many will to correctly agree that it is), then it is quite logical that the money, the more it is used, the more it consumes the substance which is certainly more valuable, the time! So, we are facing a paradoxical situation to spend higher value in order to gain lower value, because we are programmed to perceive that lower value as crucial to us!!???!! The only asset each individual truly possess is the time! He alone decides how to spend it. So, how does he spend it? Manipulated by consumer programs, he earns money he needs in order to buy items he doesn’t need! The scale of system’s impropriety is horrible, but the lack of awareness is even worst. This modest contribution to an awakening attempt should at least result in a subconscious impulse that may be sufficient to initiate someone’s spiritual creativity.

If we start a hypothetical founding of the village with a view to settling specific population group, then we have to establish the basic conditions indicating necessary conformity satisfying the group. Projects like self-heating facilities are the basis for planning of such a settlement, not only for housing but also for light industry objects’ planning (refer to images). Observing myself and looking at my own comfort criteria, I’ve came to the conclusion that it boils down to: the space arrangements (aesthetic and functional) with all technical and technological utilities necessary for optimal performance of the housing unit, the proximity of the water surface (river, lake, sea, pond ...), closeness of a forest, and road, presence of a water well (deep well, spring, stream …).

A power plants’ design project is a separate study and it can’t be done before adjusting to other projects, because it needs to represent a link resulting in a synergistic effect. This is the way to encourage sustainability topics such as:

surface of a plot of land suitable for cultivating an output sufficient to cover full expense of its production. Once the land surface is determined, the alimentary production planning may begin.

Whatever is ultimately generated as waste actually becomes a feedstock driving the energy efficiency and influencing the changes in the value system. Such an autonomous environment transforms the value system which becomes an example of proper functioning. The introduction of NTC associative learning system in compulsory education, together with an attainment of all aforementioned prerequisites for the operation of a settlement, constitutes the right conditions for evolutionary progress in generations to come. Such progress in only two generations is so immense, that from our point of view it can’t be assessed. It is inevitable that, along with school learning program development, the scientific base would be significantly extended to create the settings for acquiring knowledge and insights inconceivable to us at this stage.


fac. Zoran Pobor