Several years of research on the idea of movement of vehicles without an intermediary mechanism (transmission) resulted in this extraordinary book. In a slightly unconventional manner, Milkovic explains the new drive and events which preceded its making.

Having in mind some provocative statements in the book, one could expect even extreme reactions, but anyone should be free to express his/her opinion, especially if they are benevolent. The road from an idea to application is a long one, but initial effects in starting experiments are very convincing, same as initial effects of invention which found widespread use in everyday life.

The most valuable experiment result is that isolated forces created one-way movement of the model without intermediate mechanism. This is a supplement and confirmation of the law of action and reaction (3rd Newton Law), which was not revised since establishment.

Special value to the book and the anti-gravitational motor give the energetical and ecological aspect, which was the case earlier as well, where the inventor is searching for the solution that will replace the polluters.


  • Paperback: 60 pages
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  • Edition: First (1996)
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