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Innovative technical solutions of energy efficiency and super efficiency

Veljko Milkovic Research and development center – MP Center has over the years of its existence and work created and is still creating innovative solutions in the field of energetics and environmental protection recognized all over the world. The courage of MP Center to present itself in such an impressive way lays in the fact that all the solutions are functionally useable and scientifically proven, laboratory-measured, published in scientific journals etc. which will be explained, justified and proven on the following pages of this site.

All phases, from the conceptual phase, through approved patents, to the actualized innovations are present in the Research and Development Center

Actualized innovations entail proving of the innovation functioning with a practical presentation of the prototype’s work and other systems representing the better use of natural resources.

Our suggestion is affirmation of cheap and easily applicable models which are parts of the field of energetics and environmental protection. They are:

THE FIELD OF ENERGETICS – energy efficiency and renewable energy resources

1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY - reflecting panels, isolation materials and low energy objects.

Reflective panels were first created as a logical discovery because they represent the simplest and the cheapest, but at the same time the most efficient use of solar energy which has a double effect: thermal and illuminating effect. If set on the objects in a correct way, they increase insolation for 2.4 times (240%), and on ideal objects made according to the project, there are proven energy savings: 80% for heating and 100% for cooling. There isn’t an object of this category with this level of energy efficiency that currently exists on the world market.


The implementation of asynchronous two-stage mechanical oscillator as a gravitational machine, has proven its super efficiency through numerous scientific researches, encouraged by positive professional opinions about the machine coming from eminent scientific and research institutes and individuals. Supported by the research results of the Indian Institute in Nagpur, they have without doubt proved the super efficiency of the prototype, and those results have been published in the Asian Scientific Journal.

One of many implementations of the two-stage oscillator has been constructed as a prototype – the irrigation pump powered with the two-stage mechanical oscillator. Although its function has been shown in the basic version, it proved energy independency even without necessary automation and calibration. MP Center’s research goes exactly in this direction and its results will give optimal automation of this gravitational machine model.


Demonstration of an irrigation pump prototype introduced through a gravitational machine presented with asynchronous two-stage mechanical oscillator with complete energy autonomy.


Minimization of anthropogenic influence on the environment with the introduction of machines that use natural energy for their work (gravitation, magnetism, hydraulics etc.) results in minor effect on the environment, because conventional energy resources are not exploited, so there is no phase* of implementation which would significantly affect the natural balance and protection of natural processes of habitats where this kind of exploitation is applied. (* comparison with the usage of coal for energy production)


Basic benefit from an installation of such a facility (such as irrigation pump) lays in its complete energy independency, which represents a significant reduction of expenses for the production of agricultural crops, resulting in reduction of the production price, and it affects the price of the product which becomes much more affordable and places on all markets more easily.

It must be noted that this is the first step towards the actualization of a revolutionary model of exploiting endless natural resources. This way creates the possibility for setting new parameters that move the standards of energy efficiency, but also creates a new approach to energy sources in which gravitational machine, presented with two-stage mechanical oscillator, should be recognized and placed in the stressed five members group of renewable energy resources, primarily because it is actually even more than that.

The wisdom of those who decide on this matter at this point of time reflects in the support for such inventions, avoiding the centuries long trend of paying for internationally recognized innovations bought from our scientists and inventors (Tesla, Bozic, Popov, Milankovic, Pupin…)

Written by the president of the research center

Fac. Zoran Pobor